Foreclosure 3-16HOMEOWNERS – You do not need to pay for foreclosure intervention or prevention assistance!  The US. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Housing Counselors are federally regulated and their services are free.

Help for Homeowner’s Facing Foreclosure

For most families, a home is the most significant investment made, and a source of pride.  The loss of a home due to unexpected events such as unemployment, change in income, divorce or illness can be financially and personally devastating.  If your family is facing any of these changes and cannot pay the bills, now is the time to look closely at what you owe and what you earn, eliminating unnecessary spending and reaching out for help if you still cannot meet your financial obligations.  Taking action can help you protect your family from the loss of your home.

Steps to Take:

  • Contact your lender NOW!
  • Talk to a Housing Counseling Agency
  • Prioritize your debts
  • Explore Loan Workout Solutions
  • Are you eligible for Disaster Relief/Military Options?
  • Beware of Foreclosure Scams
  • Try Other Resources

For a complete listing or to locate providers in your area, please call HUD’s Housing Counseling Hotline at 800-569-4287 or click here.


Are You Worried About Making Your Mortgage Payment?  Get Help Today by visiting:  Hope Now



Frequently Asked Questions About Foreclosure

DON’T DELAY!  Time is of the essence.  Do not wait until you are several payments past due before seeking help. Statistics show that those who seek help before they are 90 days past due on a mortgage payment have a 75% chance of saving their home.

If you feel like you may be in danger of facing foreclosure, a solution may be found by calling 888-995-HOPE.  The Homeowner’s HOPE Hotline provides counseling services that can guide you through the process of saving your home.

Remember, you are not alone.  Millions of people across the United States are having trouble with their mortgage.  Get help now.  The Hope Now Counselors are certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and their services are free of charge.  These counselors will listen to your situation, identify your options and assist you in working with your service provider to avoid foreclosure.

Call Now
1-888-995 HOPE (4673)
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Fannie MaeFor borrowers who do not know the identify of their mortgage lender, Fannie Mae has a tool that assist you in identifying if Fannie Mae is the investor on your loan.  For additional details, click Loan Lookup Tool.


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